The renewable sector is growing, and we're on the front line.

Our mission is to facilitate the evolution of our industry towards a carbon zero future

In an industry on the cusp of change, the RE:GROUP team doesn’t just want to meet the standards – we’re going above and beyond. It starts with our expertise in renewable energy solutions: we partner with key leaders in the industry to deliver large-scale wind and solar projects. Our RE:new division is also responsible for driving the passion of our business. We want to be a part of the community and a part of society, so in essence, renewal and restoration are fundamental. We take a personal approach to individuals who sometimes need a second or third chance. We have to play our role and be socially responsible around renewing and restoring lives, When the rubber hits the road, our customers will realise we’re willing to put them first before our interests.

RE:GROUP Wet and Dry Hire in The Pilbara Civil and mining contracting branding element


Solar & Wind Farms

The renewable energy sector has increased in the past decade, This is part of our identity that we will continue to focus on as the world evolves towards a renewable future. As a leading provider of Earthworks and top-quality machinery, we have been pleased to support these developments. We construct Solar and Wind Farms, including all civils for both types and piling and mechanical for the solar farms. If a client requires a fully managed approach, we have our full project management team to ensure all parts of the job are correctly done, and we interface with other trades on site. We can cover an extensive array of works with in-house survey and trenching capabilities.

RE:GROUP solar and wind farms in the pilbara RE:NEW
RE:GROUP employees discussing haulage project RE:NEW


Zero Carbon Mining

We aim to make good on the damage caused by our industry and balance this with what we hope will be a more positive contribution to the environment. We are working hard towards that goal by researching haulage trucks and mining plant that are fully battery-powered, offsetting other emissions and looking at solar/wind farms to power the site. We aim to balance the damage created by mining and prioritise reducing our carbon footprint throughout our operations. Carbon neutrality is an ambitious goal, but we are committed to constantly exploring new ways of improving our energy use and carbon emissions.